The Cost of Early Intervention

The Cost Of Early Intervention



The Illinois Department of Human Services can help to get you in contact with a Child and Family Connections (CFC) office to begin the Early Intervention process for your child.  What some families may not be aware of is there is a cost associated with ongoing Early Intervention services.

The initial evaluation and parent meeting, referred to as an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), are freeThe Cost of Early Intervention services to help determine if your child is eligible to receive Early Intervention services.  If eligibility is met and the family wishes to move forward with treatment sessions, a monthly payment called a Family Participation fee ranging from $0-$200 may be billed to the family.  The monthly payment will depend on household income and the size of your family.  The service coordinator at your CFC office can help to determine what your monthly expense may be.

To determine which CFC you should contact for your area, visit the DHS website.

If a family has a private insurance policy, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Care, or any others, you may be able to bill your treatment sessions to your private insurance.  Then you may be able to forward your out of pocket expense to the Early Intervention program so that your out of pocket cost is less than just using your private insurance.

Please note that the situations mentioned may not be typical for all families, and consulting with a service coordinator at you local CFC office is the best option to determine your costs for Early Intervention services.

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