Summer Interventions for a Better Report Card

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, parents are often left to wonder about what to do during the summer to ensure

Summer interventions for a better report card

that the transition to the next school year goes smoothly.  One key piece of information in determining summer plans is the content presented in your child’s final report card.  It is vital that parents take the child’s final report card seriously and utilize the information from it to develop any areas of weakness shown during the previous school year.

Read on for some quick tips parents can implement to ensure that their child receives the correct interventions over the summer:


  1. Open the report card immediately.  Focus on the narrative that the teacher wrote.  Grades and percentages only tell part of the story.  The observations of the teachers are critical in making a plan for extra help over the summer.
  2. If the child is capable of understanding, sit down with him or her and go over the report card together.  Take into consideration your child’s perspective on his or her challenges and strengths.
  3. Praise the child for the positives.
  4. Identify the areas of concern that were noted.
  5. Set up a telephone meeting with relevant teachers and administrators to discuss the report card and to gather more information about the specific areas of concern.
  6. Discuss these concerns with your child’s pediatrician.  Ask questions about what interventions are available and whether or not a neuropsychological evaluation would be warranted to help uncover additional information.
  7. Utilize the time over the summer to address the areas of concern.

It is hot outside but don’t sweat it!  If your child’s report card wasn’t all you had hoped, the summer is a great time to remedy the situation.  Just make a plan, be consistent, and do it!

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