Early Intervention

Early Intervention: How to Get Started

Many families may be familiar with the services provided by the Illinois Department of Human Services (DHS), one being Early Intervention (EI).  This service is available to children in Illinois, ages 0-3 years old who may have a disability and/or delay.  Special qualifying criteria must be met in order to receive services from an EI credentialed provider.  Services provided can include occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutrition, social work/counseling services, speech therapy, and many more.

There are two most common methods of starting the investigation process to determine if your child is eligible for EI services:

  1. Use the DHS Office Locator link to locate and EI office within your area.  Contact the Child andEarly Intervention: How To Get Started Family Connections office that results in the search, and speak with a service coordinator to complete an intake about your child and why you are seeking an evaluation. Families may also call the DHS office locator at 800-323-4769 to inquire about an EI evaluation for their child.
  2. Talk to your child’s pediatrician.  They are the best person to speak to about child development and milestones.  They are very familiar with EI services, and can recommend which Child and Family Connections office to call to request an evaluation.  The pediatrician may even recommend a provider to specifically request when you call about an evaluation.

In order to begin an EI evaluation, an intake with your local Child and Family Connections office must take place so that they may then help find an EI credentialed provider to complete your child’s evaluation.

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