3 Strategies to Communicate with Your Kids without YELLING!

Why do your kids continue to do the things that you repeatedly ask them not to do? When will they follow directions? WHY CAN’T YOU GET THROUGH THEM? Do you find yourself asking these questions over and over again without any resolve and feel that the tools you employ to avoid the yelling are hopeless?

When yelling (despite the validity of your message), your meaning gets lost in translation and the stressful delivery is what is heard and reacted to. Use these tips to avoid getting to the point of desperation, where yelling is the knee-jerk response.

3 Ways to Avoid Yelling at Your Kids:

1.    Check in with your own feelings regarding the directive or statement. If you are stressed out, anxious, or upset, it is imperative to work on recognizing these emotions prior to engaging with others so that you will be less emotionally reactive to whatever the outcome. For example, if you have had a long day at work and are running late for a doctor’s appointment AND your child ignores your request to get in the car or complete a time-pressured task, recognize this as being a recipe for an outburst.  Your emotional state plus denied compliance= a huge upset reaction (aka yelling). Read more