How To Develop Task Initiation In Children

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Initiation is a child’s ability to independently start tasks. Many children with executive functioning deficits struggle with initiating actions, leading to difficulties completing tasks. . There is, unfortunately, a lack of research examining effective interventions for initiation.However, the research that is out there strongly emphasizes cueing the “how” and “when” aspects of tasks. Mahone and Slomine (2007) broke down strategies for initiation for several age levels as follows:

Starting Tasks in Preschool Children:

  • Place a variety of age-appropriate toys within reach of the child
  • Model appropriate play with the toys
  • Prompt the child to engage in playing
  • Reinforce attempts at self play Read more

How To Use Prompts To Teach Children With Autism

Father Helps Daughter Put On ShoesTeaching a new skill to a child with autism requires a different approach than that used with a typically developing child. Why is this?

Children with Autism Learn Differently

Children diagnosed with autism often need teaching techniques to be tailored specifically to their learning style. Otherwise, a child may learn incorrect responses or become frustrated. A structured learning environment is an important factor when teaching an autistic child because it allows for greater control in developing correct responses.

The most effective way to adhere to a child’s specific learning style is through the use of prompting. With this technique, you must first determine what type of prompt will be administered, and then decide on the method of transfer used from prompt to the target. For example, if you are teaching your child to say “book” in the presence of a book, you may begin by pointing to the book while saying the word “book.” Read more