MOMMY-ITIS! What is it?

As moms, we share our brains with our children or our husband daily. They rarely are just our brains to do with what we please! So, what good tips can  you remember while using YOUR mommy brain so that you don’t spend your child’s childhood with MOMMY-ITIS?

How to handle your “Mommy Stress”:

  1. When you think about your kids, and what they did to make you angry, sad or stress you out: manage yourself. Focus on what you can do to make things better, not always trying to fix them. stressed mom with lots of kidsDo you need a better schedule? Do you need more breaks or more help at home? Do you need to communicate better with your husband to get the child behaving better? Do you need to meet with an expert to get parenting advice?
  2. Don’t REACT, ACT! Manage it!  We all have bad things happen to us, we just don’t have to be victimized by it. So, when the hubby is in a bad mood or the kids are obnoxious, don’t raise your tone and get all negative with everyone….get control! Use your positive and happy parenting and personal skills to make change in the present!
  3. Mom you probably get on your own case more than anybody! Do you think that If you are tough enough on yourself it will make you better? No! this is not good thinking! Be happy! You can set standards and have high expectations but you don’t need to beat the you know what out of yourself! Craziness does not get a good response! Look at yourself in the mirror and enjoy your age, your health, your being! Tell yourself you are trying hard and things are not horrible and you are happy to be alive and given privileges and chances to make your children good people with good lives! Be positive and use constructive language with yourself, don’t bring yourself down!

Be happy and get over your MOMMY-ITIS! THIS IS YOUR RX!

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Five Things to do in a Week for a Mom to Keep her Sanity

Moms need a break from it all. We need time to enjoy our kids while we are with them and time to re-energize and re-set for the next day. So, here it is:

5 things a mom can do to keep her sanity: stressed mom

1) Make a daily schedule.

2) Write goals for herself and a plan for reaching them with dates on it to have some accountability.

3) Exercise daily or at least three days a week. The natural endorphins are key.

4) Communicate with your spouse! If you are not getting what you need and always giving what your spouse needs, trouble looms ahead. Communicate in every way, from the spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional, tell it like it is.

5) Have a girls night out once or twice a month. Not only is it fun, relaxing and bonding, it is nice to hear what your girlfriends have planned, have going on, and have on their minds that may validate or help you be a super person, mom and wife!

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