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Daddy’s Home!!! How To Keep A Positive Attitude After A long Day At Work

(This article is meant for fathers-but of course Moms, you can read too)

Like most of you dads out there, I work very hard each day. I rarely take a lunch break, and don’t take a lot of days off. That’s just how I am wired. I father home from workam confident that many of you fathers out there are the same way. It’s in our blood, it’s how we were raised, and we’re proud of our work ethic.

I am first and foremost, the proud, doting father to a 5 year old girl and a 2 year old boy. I would do anything for them at any time, just like you would do anything for your child at any time. Our young children don’t know why we work and come home tired. We do it for them, but they won’t understand it until they have kids someday.

There have been times when I’ve come home from a hard day, and not been “there” for my kids. I was tired or stressed or just not in a good mood. That’s normal, but how we react to feeling like that is critical. When I think about those times, I cringe. My kids are waiting for me. Should it be their problem that I had a busy day? I promised myself, not so long ago, that I would try my hardest to walk in the door each night with an over exaggerated, flamboyant, happy entrance that would help to ensure my kids never lose the “Daddy’s Home!!!” excitement.

5 Tips To Relieve A Bad Mood Before Coming Home To Your Kids:

  • On the drive home, turn the radio up loud, roll down the windows and sing a long.
  • Eat something ( I go with candy, but I don’t condone candy eating).
  • Do not answer the cell phone.
  • If driving helps, do what Supertramp says and “Take the Long Way Home”.
  • Think about your kids, and how fun it is to play with them when you get home and of course how great it feels to see their happy faces at your arrival.

Following these tips will not only ensure a stronger, healthier relationship with your children, but it will also help you feel better about yourself and your day!

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Top 6 Reasons For An Occupational Therapist To Work At Our Pediatric Clinic

Top 6 reasons Why the most caring and knowledgable occupational therapists need to apply to work at North Shore Pediatric Therapy ASAP:

1. We are known for having the best culture (check out our awesome culture videos here)out there in the peds field. We know how to have fun, work hard, and grow personally and professionally!

2. We are adding our 13th and 14th Occupational Therapists to our multidisciplinary group so you have a super group of colleagues!

3. Highland Park, Illinois where one of North Shore Pediatric Therapy’s (newly renovated) Clinic is located is a beautiful city and easy to commute to!

4. North Shore Pediatric Therapy provides medically trained, evidence based treatment that works for each child and you, as the therapist will make that difference!

4. We provide transparent and supportive managers!

5. We are currently the fastest growing pediatric clinic about to grow even more and are currently looking for Occupational Therapists with leadership qualities to get us there!

6. You are happy at your current work but heard that North Shore Pediatric Therapy was the place to be!

Join us now! Apply online  right now!

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Why Working at North Shore Pediatric Therapy is The Best Private Pediatric Therapy Clinic Job In Chicago!

Pediatric occupational, speech, physical therapists, social workers, BCBA’s and tutors have many options for work but who can beat these top 26 reasons to work at North Shore Pediatric Therapy?

NSPT Staff Picture

North Shore Pediatric Therapy Staff Enjoying a Staff Outing!

The jobs may be out there for pediatric OT, PT, Speech, BCBA and social workers but there are not too many places that hold their employees in such high regard! Do you just want to work under the clock doing the same old thing day in and day out or do you want to shine and make a difference in the lives of families, help grow a company, feel successful and be happy!

Top 26 Reasons Every Pediatric Therapist Loves Working For North Shore Pediatric Therapy:

1) Committed multidisciplinary pediatric therapy diagnostic and therapy team!

2) Trustworthy and honest management team!

3) Excellent mentorship program!

4) Newbie club for all therapists who have been working at NSPT one year or less!

5) In-house webinars and continuing education!

6) Opportunity to grow personally and professionally!

7) Room to grow and manage!

8) Highest quality therapists surrounding you!

9) Comfortable space with up to date equipment and technology!

10) Competitive salary and benefits!

11) PTO whenever you want it, just be productive and flexible and a team player!

12) Smiles around you all day, positive energy!

13) Solutions-based company!

14) Quarterly team meetings for growth!

15) Weekly “What’s Up” e-mails from the CEO!

16) Super transparent company!

17) Excellent Reputation as proven by our countless requests from news stations, tv networks and even Oprah, to provide interviews and expert advice!

18) Evidence-based treatment!

19) Supportive environment!

20) A growing company!

21) Biggest and Best Therapy Facebook page!

22) Most outstanding therapy blogger team on the internet!

23) Be a part of a marketing team of therapists who knows their product well…kids and families!

24) Top of the line Linkedin communicators!

25) Fun themed days where employees dress up!

26) Staff outings including BBQ’s, Popular Concerts, Bowling, Mani-Pedi’s, Race Car Driving- you name it we do it with our team!


Don’t let this once in a life time opportunity slip through your fingers.  Become our next rock-star therapist by applying here!