Secret Summer Tricks to Help Your Child Enjoy Reading

Kids reading in a fieldSummer can be a crazy time for families.   Kids are excited to be away from school work and educational activities, yet 30 minutes of reading a day is still recommended.  Reading can be reinforced through fun everyday summer activities.  Below are great tips to get you started!

Family reading activities (different activities for different ages):

  • Act out story after reading a book
  • Write grocery lists with your children before going grocery shopping
  • Play restaurant at lunch- create menus for the “customers” Read more

Homework Helper: Handwriting Checklist

Writing Checklist


Does your child have trouble writing essay’s, paper’s or even short stories? 

Below is a quick checklist to help you and your child keep their thoughts organized all while writting well! 

If your child is just learning to write, help them use the checklist by reading it to them as they work out their story.  If your child is older, have them checkoff each section themselves after they finish writing.  This Writing Checklist is a great tool to print out and keep at their “homework station”!

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