Behavior Charts: The Basics

Behavior Chart Basics

Behavior charts are helpful tools for encouraging appropriate, responsible, and respectful behaviors in children.  Perhaps the most challenging part of implementing a behavior chart is the actual set up.  Below you will find a list of strategies to make this process go smoothly.

Behavior Chart Basics:

Work WITH your child to create realistic behavior expectations.

  • Sit down with your child and discuss the desired expectation. Word expectations in a positive way.
    • “Pick up toys” as opposed to “don’t make a mess”
    • “Listen to directions after one or fewer warnings” instead of “Don’t argue”
  • Allow the child to choose what types of rewards can be earned. Rewards do not have to include buying anything.
    • Special time with a parent
    • Extra bedtime stories
    • Screen time
  • Be consistent
    • In the example above about listening to directions, if you give more than one warning, the opportunity to earn a point or sticker that time is over.
    • Decide what is acceptable and use that same benchmark in all situations.
  • Create a system that that gives the child opportunities to earn rewards incrementally
    • 2 points for cleaning plate independently, 1 point for cleaning plate after a reminder
    • A target number of points earned throughout the week can earn a larger, “weekend reward”.
  • Give child many opportunities to be successful
    • Encourage him/her to try something a second time if initially done incorrectly.
    • If your chart has multiple behaviors, be sure to include a behavior that your child already demonstrates most of the time.

Sample Behavior Charts:

Desired Behavior:Put toys away when finished playing Reward
Extra bedtime story
Stay up 10 minutes later than regular bedtime
I choose dessert after dinner

Example behavior chart for single behavior


Behavior/ Day Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Behavior 1
Behavior 2
Behavior 3

Example Behavior Chart for Multiple Behaviors

Do you have experience with behavior charts?  What are your tips on making them effective?  Please leave your feedback below.

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New Clinic Open House

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  3. Kids will have an opportunity to explore their creative side by making various crafts!
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  7. Check out the new state- of- the- art facility, with over 4,000 square feet of therapy rooms and equipment.

Event Details:

Date: Saturday, September 15th
Time: 11:00-2:00
Location: 1657 W. Cortland St. (corner of Cortland and Paulina; 1 block south of Armitage)
Chicago, Il 60622

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