Reading Programs

Tutoring Programs

Many factors affect a child’s ability to read including background knowledge, home environment, school experiences, health, ability, interest and more. However, reading success is directly related to certain specific literacy skills that all emergent readers must pass through on the journey to proficient literacy.

Some of these include: Phonemic awareness, or the ability to hear and manipulate sounds orally; knowledge of the alphabetic principle-that individual letters have sounds, which when linked together produce words that can be turned into print, creating sentences and stories; fluency, or the ability to read with accuracy and speed, including appropriate tone and expression; vocabulary, or gaining meaning from words within text for understanding, and comprehension– the ability to construct meaning from what is being read.

North Shore Pediatric Therapy offers hourly reading programs using the Orton-Gillingham approach taught by Master level therapists and Academic Specialists. Sessions are offered once or twice per week with additional sessions upon request. Summer intensive programs are also offered in all locations. Reading skills addressed with the Orton-Gillingham program include: Word Recognition Skills, Letter Sound Recognition, Consonant Recognition, Vowel Recognition, Word Analysis (structural analysis), Syllabication, Comprehension Skills, and Oral Reading Skills (fluency). For more information on the OrtonGillingham approach, please click here.

Neuropsychological Services

Neuropsychological consultation and evaluation is strongly recommended before services begin. Our staff neuropsychologists will utilize any assessment data previously generated and provide a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s cognitive and emotional functioning and will design a specific remediation plan to achieve your goals. For more information on our neuropsychologists, please click here.

Signs Your Child May Need A Tutor

If your child struggles with reading or is not keeping up with peers of same age and grade in school, shows signs of declining grades, is reluctant to read aloud, spends too much time on homework or demonstrates an increasing unwillingness to go to school, you may benefit from enrolling him/her in a tutorial program at North Shore Pediatric Therapy where licensed, trained, nurturing professionals are prepared to help your child gain the confidence and skill set necessary to develop a life-long love for independent reading.