Orton-Gillingham Reading Center

The NSPT Reading Philosophy

NSPT believes that all children can learn if given the right tools, approach and format to their learning. Matching a Orton-Gillingham-Reading-Centerchild’s needs with properly trained speech-language pathologists and master’s level academic specialists can promote literacy proficiency with the most struggling of readers. Some children, though exposed to classrooms of high quality literacy opportunities and who come from families where literacy is valued and esteemed, still become confused with the basic principles of reading and writing. For these children, the finest classroom instruction may not be enough.

A child who has trouble identifying letters embedded in continuous print, for example, may not know where to look when asked to put their finger on the first letter of a word. In like manner, children who have trouble remembering how certain words look may not be able to locate or recognize it in other places in the text. A child who has trouble hearing individual sounds in words will have difficulty connecting them together to solve words. All of these skills work together and must be present in order for successful reading to occur.

NSPT professionals offer Orton-Gillingham, a multi-sensory approach to reading, to help young readers improve in all of the above skills. All sessions are conducted one-on-one, are prescriptive in nature, and conducted in a positive, nurturing environment, giving your child the individual attention their reading needs.

So What Exactly Is Orton-Gillingham?

The Orton-Gillingham method is one of the oldest, most well-researched, successful programs for remediating students experiencing difficulty with the reading process. It directly addresses disorders such as developmental dyslexia, and also has applications for children with a variety of reading problems of various etiologies. Its intended use is primarily for persons having difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling. It’s a multi-sensory phonics-based approach to literacy instruction. In the hands of well trained professionals, it is a powerful tool of exceptional breadth, depth and flexibility. For more on Orton-Gillingham, click here.

Our Program Can Benefit All Children

The NSPT program is beneficial to children with a wide range of reading difficulties. In addition to those with dyslexia, we also provide intervention for struggling emergent and beginning readers, or even for those grade level readers who want to enrich their present literacy skills.

Reading impacts every aspect of a person’s life. It is our goal to help every child achieve reading standards that promote successful careers in school and beyond.