Top 6 Reasons For An Occupational Therapist To Work At Our Pediatric Clinic

Top 6 reasons Why the most caring and knowledgable occupational therapists need to apply to work at North Shore Pediatric Therapy ASAP:

1. We are known for having the best culture (check out our awesome culture videos here)out there in the peds field. We know how to have fun, work hard, and grow personally and professionally!

2. We are adding our 13th and 14th Occupational Therapists to our multidisciplinary group so you have a super group of colleagues!

3. Highland Park, Illinois where one of North Shore Pediatric Therapy’s (newly renovated) Clinic is located is a beautiful city and easy to commute to!

4. North Shore Pediatric Therapy provides medically trained, evidence based treatment that works for each child and you, as the therapist will make that difference!

4. We provide transparent and supportive managers!

5. We are currently the fastest growing pediatric clinic about to grow even more and are currently looking for Occupational Therapists with leadership qualities to get us there!

6. You are happy at your current work but heard that North Shore Pediatric Therapy was the place to be!

Join us now! Apply online  right now!

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