Pediatric Neuropsychology: Areas of Treatment

Neuropsychology is the practice of clinical assessment to diagnose development concerns such as autism, ADHD, and cognitive delays. Our team focuses heavily on research to better understand what causes these delays and enhance our diagnostic program.

Assessment and diagnosis of neurodevelopmental conditions including:

The team has extensive expertise in establishing appropriate placement and accommodations for the child within the academic environment.

Areas of Practice and Expertise

Our neuropsychologists help determine the initial diagnoses and appropriate intervention avenues for your child with our early childhood developmental assessment.

The team specializes in learning disabilities, ADHD, dyslexia, anxiety disorders, social/emotional concerns, Autism Spectrum Disorder, complex medical conditions, sleep medicine and developmental concerns.

In addition, the team is able to serve as a means of support for families by working with schools to help establish needed services and accommodations.

We now also offer adult ADHD testing. To learn more about how ADHD looks in adulthood, contact our neuropsychological testing center at 224-725-4138.

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