Winter Activities To Help Your Child With Gross Motor Coordination

Do Winter Blues have your Child down? Are they tired of being trapped in doors to escape the cold outside? Do they miss playing outside as they did in the days of summer?

Good news! Below are ideas of how to beat the winter blues by engaging in heavy work activities in the snow!child carrying sled

Heavy work activities provide children with proprioceptive and vestibular sensory input, while also increasing attention , focus, postural stability and gross motor coordination.

Heavy work in preparation for the snow:

  1. Have your child gather coats, scarves, and gloves into a basket for the entire family. They can then “deliver” the items to each family member by pulling the basket around the house.
  2. Ask your child, to help carry out any equipment; sleds, shovels, etc.

Heavy work activities in the snow:

  1. Build a snow man! Start with a small ball of snow and roll it around to make it bigger. Help your child lift the giant snow balls to build the snowman.
  2. Make snow angels. Lay on the ground with arms and legs extended, while moving them into your body and away over and over. Stand up and admire your angel!
  3. Draw in the snow using arms and legs. Practice letters, numbers, shapes, or even play a game of tic-tac-toe.
  4. Shovel the side walks together.
  5. Log roll races. Lay on the ground with legs straight and arms reaching straight over your head and roll!
  6. Sledding down a hill or pulling each other on a sled
  7. Build a snow fort. Using snow, build a fort using shovels, buckets, etc.
  8. Snow ball fight. Gather and make snowballs, then have playful snowball fight with entire family

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