The Best Apps For Struggling Readers

The Best Apps For Struggling Readers

Technology is everywhere, and if you are one of the many who own a device that utilizes applications (apps), you may be thinking of ways to make those great tools educational. Apps are great for a number of reasons: kids love them, they are right at our fingertips, they travel well, and they make learning more interesting and motivating. There are plenty of apps on the market targeting a wide variety of skills, including vocabulary, reading, reading comprehension, grammar, geography, and other school subjects. I myself use apps in therapy from time to time, and have favorites for certain speech and language skills. However, one area that I lacked a depth of options in was reading. More specifically, apps for struggling readers that focus on phonics and the foundational skills of reading.

Here are 6 apps that caught my attention for struggling readers and earned a spot on my device:

  1. Marbleminds Phonics: In this app, pictures are presented with the word at the bottom of the
    screen. The child must identify the missing first letter of the word. There is a free version, but as always, purchasing the app allows for more pictures and exercises.
  2. Wordmonsters: This app focuses on books for beginning readers targeting short vowel sounds. The free version includes one book with the ability to purchase additional ones. It has read-on-your-own and read-to-me settings, as well as activities that go along with the book. Activities include story details, phonics fun, and word works. Each word is highlighted as it is read when choosing the read–to-me option. The cute, interactive graphics that label objects as they are touched only add to the app’s appeal!
  3. Bob Books: This app is built for beginning readers. The child is presented with a picture and a sentence at the bottom of the page (“Dot has a hat”). The sentence is broken down and each word is segmented for the child to blend together. There is a free version available with add-ons that can be purchased.
  4. Wordplay: This app has charming graphics and audio, which makes it instantly appealing. It focuses on word families and consonant-vowel-consonant words. There is a free version as well as the option to purchase additional levels. The kids blend words together and drag letters where they belong in the word.
  5. Phonics Genius: I’ll admit it, this app is not the most entertaining for children. However, in addition to being free, it has a large inventory of sounds, blends, vowels, and vowel teams presented in a flashcard format. You can have your child or student read the word on their own, and then have the app read the word to check for accuracy. The app also has a record feature, so the child can record themselves reading the word. Game formats are included where the child identifies the word said aloud from a customizable group of words. All in all, I think it’s a great resource for words that are organized according to phonetic rules.
  6. ABC Pocket Phonics: This app incorporates sound identification and letter tracing. The sounds are then blended together to make words, with the child identifying the letter needed according to the sound produced by the app (app says /s/ and the child finds the letter /s/). There is a free version with the option of purchasing additional features.

Hopefully these apps will motivate your child to practice their reading skills! If you feel your child may need further intervention, seek the guidance of a neuropsychologist today.

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