Secret Summer Tricks to Help Your Child Enjoy Reading

Kids reading in a fieldSummer can be a crazy time for families.   Kids are excited to be away from school work and educational activities, yet 30 minutes of reading a day is still recommended.  Reading can be reinforced through fun everyday summer activities.  Below are great tips to get you started!

Family reading activities (different activities for different ages):

  • Act out story after reading a book
  • Write grocery lists with your children before going grocery shopping
  • Play restaurant at lunch- create menus for the “customers”
  • Make summer snacks by reading simple recipes and make foods in letter shapes
  • Spell words while playing jump rope
  • Write letters and words with chalk on the ground or trampoline
  • Taking a break from swimming to sit by the pool? Use that time for reading books with your kids (and for applying sunscreen of course)
  • Form letter shapes in the pool using multiple children
  • Write letters/ words in the sand on the beach during vacation ; take turns identifying the letters or reading each other’s words
  • Read the world around you…Read road signs on car trips, especially simple words like “gas” or words that have pictures on food signs (for younger children, take turns finding letters of the alphabet on road signs)
  • Read books before themed activities (e.g. read about animals before going to the zoo)
  • Go to the library for story times or programs
  • While reading aloud, interact with your children, having them guess what happens next or answer questions about the story
  • Have older siblings read aloud to younger siblings who have not learned to read or are learning to read

Tips to encourage individual reading (for children who can read independently):

  • Create a star chart calendar to read for 30 minutes a day; have an outing or toy or a project as a reinforcer to accomplish the reading goal
  • Have reading time set aside each day (e.g. after lunch) as a wind down activity or pre-nap activity
  • Go to the library for quiet reading time
  • Get reading material that will interest the child, or let your child pick it out
  • Make sure the reading material is at your child’s reading level to avoid frustration
  • Pack books when headed to the beach or pool
  • Have your child keep a daily journal
  • Have your child read a book based on a movie before watching the movie
  • Have a couch potato in the family? Turn on closed captioning during some of their television watching, with muting the volume as an option for fairly quick readers

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What is your favorite summer book for children?

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