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In today’s webisode a Licensed Counselor gives viewers tips on how to discuss divorce with children. For tips on dating after a divorce click here:


In This Video You Will Learn:

  • Preparation the parents need to have prior to telling children about the divorce
  • Transitioning between homes of divorced parents
  • Why routines are important when parents are divorced

Video Transcription:

Announcer: From Chicago’s leading experts in pediatrics to a worldwide
audience, this is Pediatric Therapy TV, where we provide experience and
innovation to maximize your child’s potential. Now your host, here’s Robyn.

Robyn: Hello and welcome to Pediatric Therapy TV. I’m your host, Robyn
Ackerman. Today I’m standing here with Licensed Professional
Counselor Marnie Ehrenberg.

Marnie, can you please let newly-divorced parents know what they
can expect when dealing with their children and letting them
know about becoming divorced?

Marnie: I think it’s really important to have really good conversations
before you let your children know about how you’re going to
explain it to them.

One of the things I see really often with the younger kids is a
lot of confusion and feeling responsible, like they did
something. I think having a story that they can work with, that
they can understand, is really important.

I think it’s also good to think about how you’re going to
transition the children from one house to another. That can be a
pretty stressful new experience. I think routines and rituals
are really important, so talk to them about what can you keep
the same in their life and what’s going to change.

I also think it’s really important to work out all of their
feelings and to make sure that they have somebody that’s really
trusted that they can talk to about all the range of emotions
that they’re going to experience that are really normal.

Robyn: All right. Thank you so much for your help, and thank you to
our viewers. And remember, keep on blossoming.

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