Getting Your Child Ready to Read

As parents of young children we want to do everything we can to help them be successful. One of the most important things you can do for your

mom and daughter readingpreschooler is to help him get ready for reading. There are 6 pre-reading skills that are essential in order for a child to learn to read.

6 Pre-Reading Skills Essential for Reading:

Telling Stories

Ask your child about his day, his experiences. Let him share his stories about what happened at his friend’s house or at the park. Let them retell the story of a book you read together.

Loving Books

Be sure to have books around. Have a bookshelf in your child’s room filled with all different types of books that he can look at and “play” with. Lots of trips to the local library helps, too.

Learning Words

Tell your child the names of things; point out interesting places, name things as you see them. Ask your child the names of things.

Hearing Sounds

Sound out words or ask your child about sounds. “What sound does b make? bbb-all” or ” What sound do you hear when I say the word cat?”

Knowing Letters

Point out letters to your child or use a set of magnetic letters to play with on the refrigerator or a white board. Be sure to point out the letters of his name when you see them “I see a t just like the t in your name, Tom.”

Using Books

Be sure to have a lot of print material around-newspapers, magazines, books. Model reading and read with your child, show them how to hold a book, read a book, point out the print on the page as you read.

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