Fun In The Sun And Fine Motor Skill Development

Mother and Young Daughter with Potted PlantsMany summer time activities have a hidden benefit…they help to develop your child’s fine motor skills! Here are few of the fun things that you can do this summer to increase hand and finger strength, fine motor coordination and dexterity.

Make Outdoor Art

  • Play with sidewalk chalk! Sidewalk chalk comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it easier to find chalk that fits your child’s hand and keep them engaged. Draw pictures, play tic-tac-toe or hopscotch, write the letters of your name or a message to a friend. The fun you and your child can have with sidewalk chalk is endless.
  • Water play is an essential summer time activity. You can use squirt guns, empty spray bottles or even turkey basters to “write” on the sidewalk or use them to make your sidewalk chalk disappear. Sponges of different sizes could also be used; squeezing the handle of a squirt gun or out of a sponge are great hand strengthening activities.

Go Green

  • Digging in the dirt or helping to plant and water flowers also offer fine motor benefits. Scooping up dirt with a shovel and putting it into a flower pot requires strength and coordination. Poking holes in the dirt to plant seeds requires finger isolation and precision.
  • Similar to digging in the dirt, the sandbox is a great place to scoop, pour, build and have fun!

Get Groovy

  • Helping to hang clothes out to dry by pinching open clothes pins and putting them on the line offers strengthening and endurance benefits. You could even make an event out of it and tie dye T-shirts and once they are complete, have your child hang them out to dry.