Cubs, White Sox, Bears, or Bulls Games with Kids: Is it Worth It? | 6 Tips For Attending Games With Kids

We adults love getting our team jersey on, buying peanuts, crackerjacks, and relaxing at the game. But, why add a child to the fun? Well, I guess many of us want our kids to  get as excited at the game as we do, and if you have a child that truly does, great! Take them!

 6 Simple Tips for a Successful Ball-Game with Kids:

1) Good Rest is Key. Don’t take a tired kid or a kid who will not last because he missed his nap. Plan well!

2) Set Rules. Decide beforehand what you will and will not buy at the ball park. You don’t want begging, whining, or tantruming while out. By setting the expectations before you even get there, you will avoid the surprise nagging!

3) Dress for Success. Make sure the kids are dressed for the weather. If you are going to an outdoor field, and it is too hot, too cold or too wet- your child could get pretty miserable!

4) Plan for Tomorrow. Remember your child has a schedule the following day, so be aware of the lateness of many games. Planning for a game when your child can sleep in the next day is always a good idea!

5) Prepare your Child. Have your kid watch a game on T.V. first so they know how big the stadium is. The size and amount of people can get overwhelming to children so make sure they know what to expect.

6) Understand the Game. Read Books about the sport so your child understands how the game works. “My First Baseball Game” by Randy Ryan is a great start!


If you plan it well, you can be sure your kid will be even more of a ball fan and you will already be planning your next ball park outing!


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