Boost Your Child’s Language Through 9 Easy Summer Activities

Summertime holds great opportunities to enhance your child’s language skills. Take advantage of extra time at home and summertime activities to give your child a boost using language with the following tips:

9 Tips To Get Your Child Talking This SummerMom Reading With Daughter

  1. Introduce a new vocabulary word each week. Discuss the word with your children, use it in conversations with them, and praise them for using it.
  2. Ask your child to tell you at least 3 things about their day. This can include someone they talked to, an event that took place, or even what they ate for lunch. Allow them to start off with simple descriptions, and then begin to include more details as they are discussing their day.
  3. Include your child in planning for trips. Have them list items that will need to be packed, sequence events that will occur, and describe what will happen on the trip.
  4. Encourage your child to talk about an event that just happened. If you spent the day at the park, have your child talk about what games they played and who they saw as you are leaving.
  5. Help your child tell a story by asking “who,” “what,” “when,” and “where” questions to make sure important details are included and understood.
  6. Read books with your children. Have them re-tell what happened in the story.
  7. Act out stories or movies. Put on a short play or re-enactment of a book that was just read, or even have children make up their own story for the play. Make it a day long project by having them create puppets to use in the show.
  8. Play “Twenty Questions” or “I-Spy” while in the car. They can put different twists on the games by finding things by category, creating their own categories, or finding objects based on a letter in the alphabet (e.g. “S…I see the Sears Tower and the skyline!”).
  9. Involve your kids in social activities, whether it is through structured programs like a summer camp or spending times with their peers.

If you feel concerned about your child’s language development, consult a Licensed Speech and Language Pathologist for further assessment and guidance.