Beyonce’s Baby News | What Even Famous People Need To Do When Expecting A Baby

So Beyonce and Jay-Z are finally going to be parents. They are the wealthiest entertainers with a lot of connections. They seem to be experts in the entertainment business and everything music, but they are embarking on a whole new world. Do they have any knowledge on how to raise a baby or what normal development even looks like? No matter how famous Beyonce and Jay-Z are, they are still first time expectant parents.

Here are some tips on what research even rock stars need to do before bringing home baby!

1. Buy What to Expect When you are Expecting and What to Expect Your First Year and actually read it!  It details everything you, your partner and your baby will go through, month by month.

2.Google and learn about normal development and subscribe to a weekly email that reminds you what your baby should look like at every weekly stage. offers great weekly resources!

3. Log anything that looks or feels “odd” to you. Don’t wait. It never hurts to ask the doctor about something you are concerned or have questions about!

4. Find the best pediatrician for your family. Ask your friends, family and even co-workers who they go to. Find out who has proper bedside manner? Who returns calls fast? Who has a clean office?  You also want a proactive doc that will listen when you are concerned!
Most pediatricians allow expectant parents to come in and meet the staff and even “interview” the Doctors. Write down your questions beforehand and bring them with.

Sample Questions to ask the pediatrician are:

  • How often do you see a baby in the first year?
  • What is your policy on vaccines?
  • What are your weekend and sick hours?
  • Do you charge for after hour calls/walk-ins?
  • Do you see the pediatrician on well-visits or the nurse?

5. Play a lot of music for Baby in-utero and and even after birth and maybe you will raise another Beyonce or Jay-Z!