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Graphomotor Skills

What are Graphomotor Skills? Graphomotor skills are handwriting skills. The development of the handwriting process occurs in the early elementary grades and includes not only the mechanical and visual perceptual processes of graphics and handwriting, but also the acquisition of language, learned spelling and phonology. There is a developmental sequence of graphomotor skills and as […]


Eye Hand Coordination

What is Eye Hand Coordination? Eye hand coordination–also referred to as hand eye coordination–is the visual processing of information to guide hand movements. Eye hand coordination is necessary to a variety of daily, routine activities—from picking up a book to knitting a scarf. Poor eye hand coordination accompanies many syndromes and conditions, such as autism […]


Learning Disability

What does it mean to have a Learning Disability? A learning disability (which is also referred to as a learning disorder or a learning difficulty) is a general term which refers to one’s significant difficulty in acquiring and/or using his listening, speaking, reading, writing, reasoning or mathematical abilities. Learning disabilities are neurological disorders that affect […]