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Physical Therapy Month: What do Physical Therapists Treat?

When I tell people that I am a pediatric physical therapist I am often met with a blank, questioning stare. Why could children possibly need physical therapy? When most people think of physical therapy, they think of recovering from a back injury or shoulder surgery, or maybe they think of someone in a nursing home […]


Babies, Misshapen Heads, and Plagiocephaly Helmets: a Physical Therapist Perspective

A majority of the babies I see in the clinic are those diagnosed with torticollis and plagiocephaly. These babies are often accompanied by bewildered first-time parents with worried looks, scared by those big diagnostic words. The first questions they ask are “could I have prevented this?” and “will he need a corrective helmet?” What is […]


Tummy Time Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is tummy time? Tummy time is either: Supervised time when your child is laying on a firm flat surface on her tummy. When your child is being in a position where she is face down and has to lift her head up against gravity. Why does my child need tummy time? Why is […]


TOT collar: What is it and When it is Appropriate to Use?

A TOT collar is a device used to correct torticollis, often in addition to physical therapy. Next, you may be asking “what is torticollis?” Torticollis, often referred to “wryneck” is a tightening or shortening of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck. Infants with torticollis will likely present with a head tilt to one side, and […]