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5 Heavy Work Activities For Your Child

Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas can be overwhelming for adults and children alike, especially children with sensory processing  disorders (SPD). Holidays entail being around a lot of family and friends, eating lots of different foods, and oftentimes getting off of a “typical” daily routine. Here are some great heavy work activities to help your […]



What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia, also known as developmental reading disorder, refers to a child’s difficulty with reading, writing, and spelling due to the brain’s decreased recognition of symbols (such as letters and numbers). What causes Dyslexia? Dyslexia is hypothesized to be a genetic disorder, as it is frequently found among family members. The brain has […]


Why Are Transitions So Difficult For My Child?

What is it about change that is so problematic for some children (and for us)? The stories are familiar: The child who can’t make it down the hallway in school without causing a disruption. The child who has seemingly had a good day at school and then whines incessantly before dinnertime. The bedtime routine that […]


Eye Hand Coordination

What is Eye Hand Coordination? Eye hand coordination–also referred to as hand eye coordination–is the visual processing of information to guide hand movements. Eye hand coordination is necessary to a variety of daily, routine activities—from picking up a book to knitting a scarf. Poor eye hand coordination accompanies many syndromes and conditions, such as autism […]