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Maureen EvansI joined North Shore Pediatric Therapy as a member of the Family-Child Advocate team and quickly learned that this position is a “calling” and not just a career. Family Child Advocates are the first touch point families receive when they call NSPT seeking services for their child. The FCA must be warmly supportive, knowledgeable and empathetic. Each family that comes through our doors receives specialized individual attention, which instills confidence and confirms their decision to select NSPT to provide services for their child. North Shore Pediatric Therapy is unique in the world of therapy as we offer eight different therapeutic disciplines and are considered the thought leaders in pediatric therapy. More than 96% of our referrals come from physicians and our growth reflects the satisfaction of parents who refer their friends for our expert therapeutic services and personalized attention.

Every day is very busy and full of challenges–yet our core values of being client-centric, providing operational excellence and passion for children is infectious! Our employees are highly trained and mentored through a training program that champions professional and personal growth. We also push promotion which contributes to the happiness of staff by working with a team that is supportive and full of positive energy! Therapists are encouraged to be innovative and inspirational in their work, to embrace challenges, and to learn and share with their colleagues. It is exciting to see a team in action working to develop the best possible treatment plan for a child.

My role as Family-Child Advocate fully prepared me for my new position of Director of Client Experience. I am in constant contact with our NSPT families, working to ensure that they have the superior client service they deserve and expect from North Shore Pediatric Therapy. I am filled with a strong sense of purpose, enthusiasm, and responsibility for the children whose lives we have the privilege to help reach their full potential. This is a clarion call to action, not a career and it is my joy to work with colleagues who are talented and whose compassion and skills I deeply respect. I am humbled by this experience and inspired by our leadership and our very bright future.

Meghan GrantWhen I first joined the NSPT family more than seven years ago, I knew that I wanted to be part of a team that focused on the entire child, while improving the quality of life for the child’s whole family as well. NSPT offered such unique and extensive services, and I knew that I wanted to be part of such a dynamic team after learning about the vision of the company. I initially started as a clinician, but quickly became a supervisor to students, mentor to new employees, and eventually became the leader of our fabulous Highland Park clinic. I have been able to participate in various continuing education conferences and seminars to help sharpen my clinical skill set, and have been afforded the opportunity to participate in management workshops to advance my management skills as well. As the Branch Director of Highland Park, it has been incredible to see how the company has evolved over the years, and I have been privileged to be part of the growth that has continued. The original three clinics have now nearly tripled in size, and we have added an entirely new Neuropsychology center to further offer support to our families. NSPT is also looking to open more clinics in the very near future, and more growth equates to new opportunities and roles for current and new employees.

While there are many aspects of my job that I love, one of the features I hold near and dear is watching the therapists themselves grow. It is truly such an empowering feeling mentoring new therapists, and being a part of their transition into various leadership roles. NSPT is the perfect platform to help therapists grow, personally and professionally, because of all of the opportunities that are provided. Therapists are always given their creative license to develop new programs that would be beneficial to our clients, their families, and the entire NSPT staff. The NSPT team has adopted the idea of thought leadership, and also stresses the importance of culture. While each clinic has its own distinct atmosphere, the clinics work to create a fun, energetic, and positive environment where the employees are excited to come to work. I have been honored to work with such amazing clients, families, and coworkers over the years, and I remain excited about being on this journey with such an incredible company.

J-PaskarWhen I began working at NSPT, I was excited for a new adventure and new opportunities. After eight years working as a speech pathologist, I felt that I was ready for the next phase of my career and was eager to expand my role. NSPT believed in me and my potential for growth and leadership when they developed and offered me the position of Assistant Branch Director, even though I had no previous management experience. This past year and a half has been one of significant growth and knowledge as I have been immersed in learning about business, management, and communication within the company. I could not have asked for a more supportive upper management team. They have guided me and taught me how to have a successful team. The most exciting part of being at NSPT is the growth of our company, specifically the expansion of our current clinics and the plans for opening additional clinics. I have recently been promoted to Branch Director, a role I feel well prepared for because of the last year and a half of experience I have had at NSPT.

Personally, I am excited for the opportunity to expand my management role, the opportunity to run the Glenview clinic, and the plans for opening the next clinic in Skokie which I have the honor and privilege of being a part of. NSPT has such a positive and collaborative company culture. For me the people I work with are truly my NSPT family. I enjoy going to work each day to be a part of this organization, work with amazing therapists, and work with families and children who blossom before our eyes. NSPT encourages therapists to develop both clinically and in leadership roles. I know that I have been successful at NSPT because we are a team. What makes us unique and a leader in the Chicago area, is our culture which places transparency, honesty, and positivity as primary components. I am proud and honored to be a part of the NSPT team.

Greg Stasi

This coming July will mark my fifth year at North Shore Pediatric Therapy. In that time, I have had an amazing time growing as a professional, as well as with regard to my role in the company. I started out as the first Neuropsychologist. The path of my career here was not set, and in fact was created as I moved along. I have had ample opportunity to develop myself in that I went from being a ‘one man’ show to running a department consisting of many amazing colleagues and students.

Part of the growth of the neuropsychology department is due to our creation of a comprehensive training and research program. We have students from graduate schools throughout Chicagoland training here. They are able to receive hands on experience while participating in an intensive weekly didactics program. We also have a research department which has produced six poster presentations, two professional articles, and currently working on several projects including the dissertations of three graduate students.

The company culture is amazing. All my initial training and vocational experience has been at hospital and medical settings. In those settings, I only got to really know a few of my immediate colleagues. Here at NSPT, the focus is on developing relationships with all team members from individuals in the billing office to therapists at one of the remote clinics.

For me, the most important factor that led me to NSPT, instead of staying within the hospital setting, is the ability to truly work as a multidisciplinary team. One of the greatest satisfactions is being able to help create the blue print of intervention needed for a child and also being able to have hands on experience with that child’s progression through the various therapies and interventions. It is an overwhelming experience to be able to work so closely with so many expert professionals. Advice from an occupational therapist, speech-language therapist, or behaviorist is only a phone call or short walk away.

Summar JonasI am proud to be a part of North Shore Pediatric Therapy! I jumped on board in October of 2009 to join a team of professionals that is dedicated to helping children blossom. I knew from the minute I arrived that I was already aligned with the mission of NSPT, but I was in for an awesome surprise when I discovered the level of commitment this company has to its children, families and employees, alike!

Working for NSPT has provided a wonderful opportunity to grow personally and professionally. I have had a chance to work directly with our children and families as a Family Child Advocate, then transition to working behind the scenes with our employees as the Director of Training. It is inspiring to work for a company that embraces a culture of acknowledging and celebrating each other’s talents and successes. NSPT believes in promoting from within, which gives employees a chance to share with others and gain new skills while developing as leaders. I am comfortable communicating openly with all levels of management and I am empowered to take actions to improve our processes and procedures. I know I am making a difference and it feels great!

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