Board Certified Behavior Analyst Student Fieldwork

Behavior-Analyst-Student-FieldworkWe love creating an outstanding experience for our Fieldwork students! North Shore Pediatric Therapy clinicians work with children throughout the Chicagoland creating an ideal BCBA supervision experience.

At North Shore Pediatric Therapy BCBA supervision students who meet their university’s academic and clinical requirements are matched with experienced pediatric therapists to learn about current service delivery models as well as assessment and treatment practices. The Behavior Analyst Student Fieldwork program includes mentoring and supervision by licensed and certified clinicians working with you in a pediatric clinic developed through an affiliation agreement with your university. Resources, materials, and information regarding the supervision of students are available upon request.

Students interested in a North Shore Pediatric Therapy Behavior Analyst Student Fieldwork experience, should inform their faculty advisor of their interest and complete our Application Form. North Shore Pediatric Therapy will provide faculty and administration with information about an affiliation agreement upon request.

Providing Clinical Training Beyond the University

The purpose of the Behavior Analyst Student Fieldwork experience is to provide students with an opportunity to extend their academic and clinical training beyond the university setting while under the supervision of an experienced North Shore Pediatric Therapy Board Certified Behavior Analyst. Since North Shore Pediatric Therapy specializes in pediatrics, we offer excellent opportunities for students to experience a wide variety of assessment and treatment practices for early childhood and beyond.

Goals of the Behavior Analyst Student Fieldwork Program

The North Shore Pediatric Therapy Fieldwork Program is designed to:

  • Expose students to children with multiple disabilities, service delivery models appropriate for pediatric settings.
  • Provide students with experiences valued by future employers and helpful in the workplace.
  • Allow students to explore specific client populations and areas of interest.
  • Enable students to gain the clinical hours needed to meet the requirements for the certification and licensure; and
  • Promote communication and interaction between the university and North Shore Pediatric Therapy.

To start your fieldwork experience, please contact us here.

Qualifications for Placement

Before beginning the Behavior Analyst Student Fieldwork program, students must have completed pre-requisite coursework required by their university and department. Students also must have gained the theoretical knowledge necessary to understand the disabilities they will encounter. They must have observed and worked directly with clients of various ages, presenting a wide range of disorder types and levels of severity.

Establishing a University Affiliation Agreement

Faculty or administrators can establish a North Shore Pediatric Therapy/University Affiliation Agreement consistent with the university’s course description, course objectives, procedures, and expectations. Based on the student’s application, North Shore Pediatric Therapy will assess the availability of locations and complete the placement process.

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