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We are the only company that shuts down completely to hold personal development meetings for all staff as a unique employee benefit. As stated in the video below by Maureen Evans, “it is vitally important that we remain a community of learners…we are fortunate enough to have a company and a culture that values continuing education and personal development.” We will go to great lengths, and great expense, to bring in nationally recognized speakers that will change a person not just for a day, or even a week…but for life. In this featured “all team meeting” video as we commonly call it, Ari Weinzweig, co-founder of the famous Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor Michigan, and author of several personal/professional development books, came to speak to our company on the topic of “Managing Ourselves.” We have also sent many of our employees to ZingTrain, which is a fabulous training company that is part of the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses. In the video below, Ari is described as a “brilliant speaker” who is “passionate and genuine,” and he “shares what worked for him,” and how we are “inspired to make changes in my own life.” How you live your life is important to our company, because as Ari says, “It’s all One Life.” We are passionate about developing our leaders, and truly believe that every single employee of ours is a leader. If we want to help children blossom, then we need to help our staff Blossom!

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Spontaneous Employee Feedback

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the opportunity to hear Ari speak on Sunday. I thought it was pretty awesome to be working for a company that was willing to invest that time and money in helping their employees flourish in such a personal way. I have had various discussions with family and friends over the last two days reflecting on the experience and it has given me a renewed sense of self! Although I have been lucky enough to be exposed to that way of thinking in the past by my mom and other spiritual teachers, it was wonderful to have it reintroduced. I really feel like this job has been serendipitous and in alignment with my values and visions!
–Megan Pearson

Thanks again for bringing Ari to our all team meeting, it was such a wonderful experience to learn about managing ourselves! It really gave me a lot of insight, and caused me to do some deep self-reflection. It was very powerful. I will definitely incorporate his ideas such as starting a journal, and sending appreciative messages to friends and family. I also look forward to reading the book. Thanks again, it is so amazing to be a part of a company who does these events.
–Amanda Cunningham

I just wanted to thank you for hosting yesterday’s event. It was wonderful seeing the faces of everyone in one setting, particularly for those whose voices I hear all day but have never met in person!
Thank you for bringing Ari back to Chicago to see us, he was quite an inspiration and his talk was very meaningful and wholly realistic: I feel as though I left with knowledge that I can apply right now!
Thank you again for everything you have done to create such a caring place to work. I am not only happy to come to work every day, but I greatly look forward to it! I am proud of the work that we do here and it is all thanks to you and Deborah and the rest of the NSPT family.
–Ashley Upton

I enjoyed the event and it is clear that you found the perfect speaker. His values align with the vision for NSPT, making him an incredible source of knowledge. The things that he shared were powerful and motivating. You and Deborah have created a company that values its employees and the clients we serve. I’m so impressed by the culture and appreciate the positivity and opportunities for personal and professional development with events like these.
–Krista Nichols

Thank you for an inspiring day! Ari’s ideas and methods were definitely thought-provoking. Once I got home last night I excitedly and vigorously began ironing out the details of both my personal and professional visions. I’m so looking forward to implementing positive action steps in the days and weeks to come!
–Lindsey Moyer

I want you to know how much I enjoyed yesterday. I learned so much. Ari is an amazing man and I was honored to be a part of such a great day. Thank you for making yesterday happen for NSPT. In the Zingerman video there was a guy who said something like. “I love working for a place that loves having me work for them.” That is how I feel.
-Carole Dunning

Thank you SO much for inviting us to the meeting yesterday! I really enjoyed myself and I feel like I learned a lot. I can’t wait to implement everything I learned at work and in my everyday life as well. Ari is so inspiring and such a great speaker. He really knows how to keep everyone engaged.
–Tracy Anderson

Thank you David! It was such an amazing presentation. I got a ride home with a few BT therapists, who said the same thing. They were so grateful for the experience and identified changes they were going to make both personally and professionally.
–Lauren Weichman

I really enjoyed the presenter Ari. I believe that he brought a lot of great energy to our Sunday that spread to each of us. Since the meeting I have heard several therapists speak about the presentation and how they are incorporating some of Ari’s ideas within their practice and lives.
–Shelly Sears

I just wanted to share some feedback from my team regarding the meeting yesterday. Nina and Megan were all excited this morning and sharing the information with our student. Nina knew a good deal of the authors Ari was talking about as she has a focus on positive psychology.
–Gregory Stasi

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