Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program Mission

The mission of the North Shore Pediatric Therapy Mentorship Program (MP) is to provide the necessary support and structure during a new employee’s first several months of full-time employment to enable therapists to provide effective, goal-directed therapeutic intervention. Through the establishment of a mentor/mentee relationship, participation in webinars, labs, treatment observations, meetings, and other hands-on experiences, therapists enrolled in the Mentorship Program will:

  • Acquire and strengthen the knowledge and clinical skills for evaluating and treating clients using the NSPT approach.
  • Develop problem-solving skills and self-confidence to help clients reach their goals and achieve success.
  • Develop a solid foundation upon which to expand their clinical skills or develop areas of treatment specialization.

Mentorship Program Overview

The North Shore Pediatric Therapy (NSPT) Mentorship Program is an intensive program specially designed to facilitate the achievement of specific skills and goals for therapists new to the NSPT team. The purpose of the Mentorship Program is to provide every therapist at NSPT ample opportunity to experience success as both a clinician and team member. Each mentee will be assigned a mentor that will be his/her guide on the journey of developing a wide range of skills and knowledge. Throughout the Mentorship Program, the mentee will have easy access to professional advice, improve his/her clinical skills, develop self-confidence and advance his/her professional experiences.

The Mentorship Program has been developed with a specific timeline in mind. New employees with less than one year of experience in their field are enrolled in the Year-Long Mentorship Program. New employees with more than one year of experience in their field are enrolled in the Advanced Mentorship Program (3 months). The timeline of each program provides the mentee with clinical knowledge and experience most concentrated in his/her own discipline. However, clinical knowledge and observation of other disciplines will also be expected, allowing the mentee to become more well-rounded and informed.  By the end of the first half of the Mentorship Program, it is expected that the mentee will have developed a wide range of pediatric skills and have demonstrated competencies in several areas including independently evaluating and treating a wide range of ages and pediatric diagnoses using the NSPT approach to treatment. The second half of the Mentorship Program is designed for the purpose of refining and furthering new skills and fully integrating evidenced-based practice.

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