When the “WHY” is big enough the “HOW” will come

When the WHY is big enough the HOW will come when we work for it. When you believe in a cause and work hard for it, you WILL make a difference. This is true for a world cause, or for a more personal cause in your community, at your workplace, and within your own family.

When I was doing my first few internships in occupational therapy school, I met a  little five year old boy. His mom had adopted him and his brother.  She was riding her bike and had the boys in her bike carriage behind her.   A car hit them. The boy was left with brain damage that impaired him both physically and cognitively. In the face of this extreme hardship, Mom was a go-getter and had really felt that a therapy dog would be amazing for him. We needed to raise $10,000. This was the WHY. Now the HOW. I got to work. I gathered my supervisor and another therapist and together we formed a fundraiser.    We had everything donated: the room, the food, the auction prizes, the invitations, the drinks and even a DJ!   We raised over $10,000 that night!   When the WHY is BIG enough, the HOW will come!

As parents and teachers, therapists and physicians, when we get energized by the WHY, the HOW just happens. Our brains get to work– the conscious mind during the day and the subconscious mind at night, on getting it done for the children and families.. We are motivated by a clear and strong understanding of an important cause that demands a solution. As individuals and as a community, we come up with wonderful ways to make a difference.

Little David called and asked if he could come with my family to ski. Little David had no other friends he could rely on to say “yes”, and he needed help to save his self esteem and self worth. The WHY was staring us in the face and the HOW just happened.  Of course we had room in our car for him- we just switched to a bigger car and brought him along for the great trip, and it happened.

When families come to their physicians they bring a very important “WHY” for the physicians to tackle. The parents have logged on paper and in their minds the behaviors that just don’t seem normal in their child. WHY  would they be sharing this? WHY would they be concerned?  WHY do they need help?  Why?  Because they KNOW that their child needs some kind of push, advocacy, and assistance to thrive.  Like a ball being tossed at her or him, the physician takes the WHY and with care and intelligence gently tosses the ball back by providing the HOW in the form of advice, therapy, diagnostics, books, support, etc.

MR. Z keeps the WHY at the forefront of his mind and gets the HOW done for his beloved son. He comes every week to therapy with his autistic child for OT, speech and ABA. Mr. Z, a taxi driver, saves $144/week plus to pay for therapy and he deals with difficulties with his insurance company. The challenges of attaining the HOW do not matter- he gets them done. He does what he needs to do for his son because the WHY is clearly understood. Taking his dedication as a starting point, his therapy team works together with him to attain the HOW for his son- a holistic and therapeutic plan for his son to attain his full potential and to thrive.

What WHY is currently knocking at your door? What do you need to do for the HOW? If you are honest and clear about the WHY, when you put forth the effort and reach out for the support you need, the HOW will come. If we can help you to attain that goal we are here for you.

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