Vocal Nodules Speech-TherapyWhat are vocal nodules?

Vocal Nodules are growths that develop on the vocal folds due to vocal abuse. Initially, vocal nodules are soft and swollen. However, as vocal abuse continues, the nodes become hard and callused.

What are some symptoms?

Vocal nodules increase the vocal folds mass and slows the vibration during vocalization. As a result, one’s voice will sound lower in pitch, breathy, and hoarse. Those who are more prone to experiencing vocal nodules are children who speak at a louder volume or scream and shout during play, and adults who have a career that involve vocally abusive behaviors, for example, teachers, coaches, and singers.

Natural course of the condition

Generally, vocal rest clears up vocal nodules. However, once vocal abuse resumes, the nodules will persist becoming larger. Vocal nodules will rarely disappear without eliminating vocal abuse behaviors.

General treatment

Vocal nodules are treated with vocal therapy, provided by a speech therapist. If necessary, nodules may be removed through surgery. During surgery, the nodule is removed through microdissection or laser.

Our approach at North Shore Pediatric Therapy

North Shore Pediatric Therapy will help each person achieve their best sounding voice. This may be accomplished through restoration of the previously healthy voice, or compensation, where the client produces the best voice possible considering prior damage. Our therapists will teach proper vocal behaviors and ways to reduce or eliminate vocal abuses in the patient’s daily environment.