What is Torticollis?

Torticollis, otherwise known as wryneck, is a condition usually seen in infants where there is damage or tightness to the sternocleidomastoid muscle in the neck. This muscle’s action is to tilt the neck to the same direction and rotate it to the opposite direction. Hence, when a child (or an adult) has torticollis, they generally appear to have a head tilt to the affected side (where the muscle is shortened) and chin rotated up to the opposite direction. Other types of conditions, such as infection, tumors, ophthalmologic problems, and cervical abnormalities should be ruled out by the pediatrician prior to a referral to physical therapy.


North Shore Pediatric Therapy physical therapists are trained in the treatment of torticollis and will provide your son or daughter with the best treatment possible. Physician communication is something that NSPT prides itself on and enables healthy, frequent communication with your child’s health-care team to ensure well-informed team members. Your therapist will carefully go over your child’s home exercise program and will make sure that you as the parent feel comfortable with all of the home exercises to ensure successful treatment from all angles.

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