What does it mean to be “Overweight?”

The term “overweight” is often used interchangeably with “pre-obese” and is generally defined as having Overweightmore body fat than optimally healthy. A person is defined as pre-obese when his or her Body Mass Index (BMI), which compares weight and height, is between 25 kg/m2 – 30 kg/m2.

How does the condition of being overweight progress?

Being overweight is a common condition, especially where food supplies are plentiful and lifestyles are sedentary. As many as 64% of American adults are considered either overweight or obese, and this percentage has increased over the last four decades. The condition of being overweight normally leads to obesity.

How do I help treat my overweight child?

The primary treatment for being overweight is dieting and physical exercise. It is important to work with your doctor and dietitian to receive adequate medical supervision while getting the support you need to reach your ideal body weight.

Our Approach at North Shore Pediatric Therapy


We work with children to make learning about nutrition fun. Our dietitians use cooking classes, goal sheets, computer games, and other fun activities to build a foundation of knowledge that can be used for life. We work to encourage a child’s parents and siblings in developing a healthier lifestyle, too, so that no one feels left out. Every child gets an individualized plan to help him/her reach his/her genetic potential.

Teens and Adults:

Our NutraGraph Program has a 100% success-rate! Our methodology of setting goals, consistent monitoring, and weekly battle plans will get you results. We work with you to help you develop your own strategies for success, and we hold you accountable. Why should you choose us? You don’t have to buy our food, pills, or false gimmicks!

We help you maintain your healthy WEIGHT for LIFE!

Three reasons people choose our program:

  1. 100% success-rate for those who remain in our program.
  2. We are the only program that mandates accountability and terminates those with no compliance.
  3. We are the only program that monitors and maintains your success for life.

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