Easter Holiday, The Last Supper, and Pediatric Obesity. Let’s Help our kids grow up and live longer and healthier lives!

Researchers reported today that the food in famous paintings of the Last Supper meal has grown by biblical proportions over the last millennium.  The researchers conclude, If art imitates life, we’re in trouble.  The size of the main dish grew 69 percent; the size of the plate, 66 percent, and the bread, 23 percent, between the years 1000 and 2000.

Supersizing is considered a modern phenomenon, but “what we see recently may be just a more noticeable part of a very long trend,” said Brian Wansink, a food behavior scientist at Cornell University.

Michelle Obama has her head in the right place when she wants to focus on obesity.   We are Supersize-it obsessed!  

Pediatric licensed dietitians such as Sarah Allen at North Shore Pediatric Therapy understand that it takes family education and repetition to make real changes!  Are we willing to do that?  Let me know how far you think you are willing to go and your chances of succeeding?




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