North Shore Pediatric Therapy Provides many services to Schools, Pediatricians and other Professional Organizations

Services Include:

In-Service Presentations and Workshops:    

Our professional and licensed therapists have spoken at numerous events and schools throughout the Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  We tailor all of our presentations to the needs of the schools or organizations.  Below is a sample list of topicss we have covered in the past:    

  • Behavior in the ClassroomTherapist giving presentation

  • How to Apply Therapy Methods in the Classroom

  • Child Development

  • Autism

  • Social Skills and Promoting Peer Groups

  • Anxious Children

  • Potty Training

  • Speech and Language

  • Sensory Integration Red Flags

  • Handwriting

  • Athletics and Fitness

  • Nutrition and Allergies at School

  • Is Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

  • How to Handle Transitioning

 Speech and Occupational Therapy Screenings  

 In order to help teachers reach their maximum classroom potential, NSPT offers FREE Speech and Occupational Therapy Screenings for your school at our clinics.

The Free Screen Process Includes:

  • Parental Consent Sheet to be sent home prior to screening- provided by NSPT for the SchoolTeacher and Student

  • Experienced Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists  checking your student’s Speech-Language/ Hearing Skills and Occupational Skills

  • Continual updates and shared goals for teachers from NSPT therapists should treatment be needed

For more information or to set up your In-Service, Workshop or Screen please contact Robyn Ackerman at:

North Shore Pediatric Therapy is proud to be an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) Approved CE Provider