Picky Eating: How Common Is It, And Is It More Prevalent in Children With Autism?

A recent study from The Journal of Pediatrics discovered that children with Autism Spectrum Disorders are more likely to be picky eaters and may be at risk for suboptimal nutrition¹.   Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders were found to have increased occurrences of food refusal and more limited food repertoires.  Other research has estimated that one third of mothers felt their infant had feeding difficulties in the first four months of life and one in four mothers at routine pediatrician visits expressed concerns with their child’s feeding skills².  The statistics show nearly 25% of typically developing children and 80% of developmentally delayed children will demonstrate characteristics of a feeding disorder³.  Anecdotally it appears that more and more kids are becoming selective about their diets.  While picky eaters are difficult to feed, it becomes a larger issue when the amount of selectiveness increases and they become problem feeders.  Problem feeders often have severely restricted food repertoires (less than 20 foods), fall apart at mealtimes especially when presented with new foods, and will refuse entire categories of food textures.  Parents of problem feeders report their child may restrict their diet by any of the following characteristics: color, brand name, presentation style, shape, or texture.  Without effective intervention, the consequences of a feeding disorder can lead to further health complications and increased family tensions.

The management of feeding disorders should involve a team of professionals to evaluate and treat the child and family.  Specialists such as gastroenterologists, dietitians, psychologists, occupational therapists, and speech-language pathologists with expertise in feeding disorders will provide medical management, nutritional counseling, behavioral strategies, oral-motor and feeding therapy, and parent education and support.

Tell us what frustrations do you experience at mealtimes? 

Tell us, does your child display any signs of picky eating and if so, how do you handle it?

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