Blossom Book Club

Click on the video to hear David reading his welcome message that is transcribed below.

Introduction from David


Dear Lifetime Learner,

Welcome to the Blossom Book Club! Our first Core Value is Non-Stop Growth. That core value applies to the kiddos who we constantly strive to help grow to reach their potential. That labor-intensive work that we do as part of our daily routine is what we call “working in the company.”  The same core value can also be applied to the things we do in order to help the company continue to grow as a whole, such as projects and writing SOPs. Those activities are what we call “working on the company.”

What oftentimes gets overlooked, is how little time we spend “working on ourselves.”  During the years that I worked out of the Glenview office, I took time every day to walk to Starbucks during my lunch break to read a book and take notes.  Each date with myself lasted from fifteen minutes to one hour, depending on the time constraints of the day.  This is where many of the best ideas and improvements in myself and the company came from.  Books open your mind, and allow your creative juices to flow in a way, and in a day, that is otherwise filled with constant things to do as part of the daily grind.  We can easily get “stuck” in a no-growth, or a “slow-growth” mode if we don’t read regularly. Thought Leaders are continuously reading.

I suggest that you pick the time of day that is most suitable for you to read, and have that as a set time as part of your success routine.  I hope that you will be inspired to join, and be active in the Blossom Book Club, and reap the benefits of doing so.

When each of my kids were young, I paid them for each book that they read.  Eventually, they stopped remembering to ask me to pay them, and they are all avid readers now.  My second son has even written his own book that he hopes to publish soon.  I am so enthusiastic about this initiative, and care so much about your Non-Stop Growth, that I will actually reward you for reading!  In order to give you the “Starbucks reading experience” I had, I will reward you with Starbucks gift cards, so you can take your next book over there and relax while you learn.

I hope that I can make a positive contribution to your life, by making you a regular, lifetime reader and learner.

Happy Reading!

It is simple to join…just send David ( an email that you want to join, and you will receive an email with a link to sign up online.  Please note that our company pays per user that is signed up to use a third party platform called so please only sign up if you are ready to start reading.

After you read your book, (1) sign on to platform by clicking on the green “Book Club Log In” button on this page. (2) Click on the first menu icon, which says “Create a book report” if you hover over the icon.  (3) You will then be asked to search for a book, and the rest should be intuitive.

Points are assigned to each book by the administrator of the Blossom Better Book Club, according to the following guidelines, in addition to input by the readers and administration of the company.

25 Points

The book is easy to read or the concepts are simple to follow; or the book is very quick to read; or the general impact of the learning on the individual is relatively weaker in its relevancy or direct application of its content.

50 Points

The book is not a simple, quick read; or the impact is more profound and relevant than the lower level.

75 Points

The book is moderately difficult to read due to newer or more complex ideas; it is lengthy; or the content is very relevant to growing successfully in the company.

100 Points

The book required concentration and deep thought; may contain difficult concepts; is very long; or it is very highly relevant and recommended for growing successfully in the company and as an individual.

First, you must be properly set up in the site, including your profile, and profile photo to be eligible.

Next, at Settings (wheel all the way to the right) -> My Dashboard, you will see how many points you have earned. Every 25 points earns you a $5 Starbucks Card!

The Blossom Book Club Champion will run a report after the conclusion of each quarter, and the prizes will get distributed and announced.  Points earned only during the most recent quarter will count.  Therefore, even though your lifetime points total keeps growing, you will earn prizes for the points earned only during the most recent quarter.

  • You can tag a book that you have read in the past. Tagged books will show in your history, but no points are awarded. This program is not retroactive
  • You can rate a book that you’re read
  • You can see what others have to say about a book
  • You can receive notifications when someone reads or tags a book
  • You can follow another user
  • You can see what books another user has read
  • You can suggest that a new book be added to the library of eligible books
  • You can participate in a Blossom Book Club Meeting

For in-depth information on the topics listed above, please see FAQs for the Blossom Book Club (PDF).

Leadership & Management

  • Hardwiring Excellence, Quint Studer
  • The Great Game of Business, Jack Stack
  • Traction, Gino Wickman
  • Being a Better Leader, Ari Weinzweig
  • Building a Great Business, Ari Weinzweig
  • Managing Ourselves, ARI Weinzweig
  • The One Minute Manager, Ken Blanchard
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie

Customer Service

  • The Customer Service Revolution
  • The Ultimate Question, Fred Reichheld
  • Raving Fan, Ken Blanchard
  • Delivering Happiness, Tony Hsieh
  • The Starbucks Story


  • Roar, Kevin Daum

Mental Health

  • Executive Function and Dysfunction, Hunter and Sparrow
  • Your Defiant Child, Second Edition: Eight Steps to Better Behavior, Russell Barkley


  • Taking Charge of ADHD, Third Edition: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents, Russell Barkley