Potty Training: A How-to for Parents of Children with Autism

Watch our Board Certified Behavior Analysts to increase your knowledge on potty training a kiddo with Autism! 

Mother potty training daughter (2-3)

What: Our BCBAs will cover the entire potty training process including how-to’s, the what not to do’s and how to best prepare. Parents will learn:

  • How to recognize when your child may be developmentally ready to be potty trained.
  • How to successfully begin the potty training process.
  • How to keep the child motivated throughout the entire process.

Sensory Needs In Preschool And The Elementary Years Webinar Recording

Watch Lindsey Moyer MS, OTR/L, Assistant Branch Director of Therapies and ElizabethSensory-Processing-Disorder Mackay MOT, OTR/L in this webinar recording on typical sensory needs, red flags for sensory disorders and solutions for parents.

What: Challenges with sensory processing can cause a variety of issues for young children both in and out of the school setting. This recorded webinar for parents and educators will explain the following:

  • The main areas of sensory processing
  • The role of sensory processing for young children
  • How challenges in these areas can manifest day-to-day
  • Solutions for meeting the sensory needs of the child

Read What A Few Of Our Attendees Found Helpful About The Webinar:

  • “The red flags for issues with different types of processing.”
  • The explanation of the sensory areas and how they affect the child
  • “Hearing how to determine if an action is behavioral or sensory in nature.”
  • Learning different strategies to aid children in the classroom.”
  • “Great summation of sensory processing issues and strategies that are immediately applicable.”
  • The presentation helped me gain a better understanding of the different behaviors
  • “Helpful question and answers” 

Executive Functioning for School Success Webinar


Join Dr. Greg Stasi, Pediatric Neuropsychologist, Dr. Cynthia Kane, Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Monal Patel MOT, OTR/L for this informative webinar on the executive functions and how to build skills in these areas.

WhatExecutive Functioning Skills are critical for school success but are often not taught in the classroom. This webinar will cover the five basic areas of executive functioning:

  • Initiation
  • Shift
  • Planning/organization
  • Inhibition
  • Working memory

Parents will be encouraged to evaluate their child’s current executive functioning habits and will be given practical applications for daily school work including the following:

  • More effective organization
  • Planning
  • Study skills
  • Goal setting

This webinar is ideal for any parent looking to improve their child’s executive functioning skills in order to see real progress in academic functioning this school year.

When: Anytime you want!

Where: Via webinar in the comfort of your own home

Cost: FREE

SPD or Bad Behavior

Sensory Processing Disorder or Bad Behavior Webinar

Led by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, this informative webinar covers whether your child is exhibiting signs of sensory challenges or if behavior strategies are needed.

Who: Annie Goldberg, BCBA and Marissa Edwards, OTR/L

What: Learn whether a negative behavior is driven by sensory challenges or if it simply a learned negative response. Understand actionable strategies to deal with both.

Where: Via webinar in the comfort of your own home

Cost: FREE

Read What A Few Of Our Attendees Had To Say:

  • It was very informative
  • “Real life examples, good slides.”
  • Listing the red flags under each sensory category.  I was able to see where my daughter fit in or did not fit in.”
  • “[The Webinar gave} us proactive and reactive stategies for various scenerios.”
  • Their knowledge of spd vs bad behavior. We have been in OT and Behavior therapy and with it being two different people in two different spots it was nice to hear these ladies input and bring it all together for me.”
  • “I liked how it was split apart with strategies to keep the behavior from happening again and what to do when the behavior is currently happening.”
  • The presentation helped me gain a better understanding of the different behaviors
  • “The speakers were knowlegable and gave helpful real life examples.” 
sensory strategies for school success

Sensory Strategies for School Success (& over the holidays) Webinar Recording

Watch Abby Rohlfing MOT, OTR/L and Marissa Edwards, OTR/L in this informative webinar on the best ways to set up your child with Sensory Processing Disorder for success at school. This webinar also explains strategies to maintain this success over the holidays with sensory activities for home.

Who: Abby Rohlfing MOT, OTR/L and Marissa Edwards, OTR/L

What: Learn strategies to empower your child with SPD to succeed in school and tips to maintain this progress at home over the holiday season.

Where: Via webinar in the comfort of your own home

Cost: FREE

Read What A Few Of Our Attendees Had To Say:

  • “Excellent explanation of sensory integration, processing. Lots of activities, strategies. Liked the format of the Red Flags/Strategies section — very clear with a lot of information.”
  • “I learned some new ways to explain different sensory processing difficulties to parents/teachers.”
  • “The power point was helpful for following along. The charts with red flags+recommendations was helpful (concise and informative)!”
  • “Great to hear explanation of strategies and then hear the variation of the idea for the holidays!”
  • “I liked the visual powerpoint while the OT was talking. I liked the different school recommendations (I am a teacher).”

Bullying Webinar: How To Help Your Child

Children who are victims of bullying may demonstrate low self-esteem, negative behavior issues, poor academic performance and low self-confidence. In this webinar, parents will be provided with strategies to support and positively encourage their children who are victims of bullying.  A Question and Answer Session at the end of the presentation will allow attendees to ask questions, offer suggestions, and comment on the subject matter.

This is an outstanding opportunity for you to meet members of the North Shore Pediatric Therapy team, have your questions answered, and walk away with a plan!



Date: Whenever you want

Length: 33 minutes

Place: The comfort of your own home!

Price: FREE!

Presented by Chicago’s two leading Licensed Clinical Social Workers!


About The Webinar

In this WEBINAR there will be opportunity to ask Clinical Social Workers specific questions regarding your child’s social life and bullying experiences.  You will also learn best practice strategies and solutions to apply in your child’s classroom and at home.






Are you unsure about whether your child or student has Sensory Processing Disorder?  Would you like to learn more about the disorder?  Our Webinar will provide you with the answers to your questions!


  • Learn from Chicago’s top Pediatric Occupational Therapists about Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Find out Red Flags and signs of SPD
  • Get Solutions for the classroom and home
  • Hear real questions from Parents, Teachers and Professionals and get answers!




Ever Wonder If Your Child’s Communication Skills Are Age Appropriate? Worried Because Your Child Is Hard To Understand By Others? Come And Learn Valuable Information About Communication Development For All Children Of Preschool Ages. The Presentation Will Review Developmental Milestones In The Areas Of Speech, Language, And Social Skills. You Will Learn About Red Flags That Potentially Indicate Communication Difficulties, And Tips To Bring Out The Best Language From Your Child.

This is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn about Speech and Language Milestones, red flags, hear real questions from viewers and answers from the experts and walk away with a plan!


Date: Whenever you want

Length: 1 hour

Place: The comfort of your own home!

Price: FREE!

Presented by Chicago’s two leading Pediatric Speech and Language Pathologists!


About The Webinar

In this WEBINAR there will be opportunity to ask speech-language pathologist professionals specific questions regarding your child’s communication.  You will also learn best practice strategies and solutions to apply in your child’s classroom and at home.




Read What A Few Of Our Attendees Had To Say:

  • “Well done!  Look forward to another one.”
  • “Thank you so much for the webinar. It was very helpful and insightful.”
  • “This was my first webinar of yours (and one of my first in general), and it was great!  Thank you so much for making this information available to families!!”
  • “Thank you so much. This will help. I am in the middle of dispute with my school district and SEDOL. You help to clear few facts, for example I didn’t know that “direct svc” doesn’t mean is 1:1 or that services are ‘need’ driven not by diagnosis.  Thank you so much for your time.  What a blessing!”
  • “Thank you for the great information.   Lots for us to keep in mind for future IEP meetings.”
  • “This was a very helpful presentation. There is so much to learn when you have a special needs child and this format made the learning easy on the parent. Thank you so much for taking the time to have this webinar.”

This Webinar Presented By A Pediatric Neuropsychologist And A Special Needs Family Lawyer Provided Parents With An Understanding Of What An Outside Evaluation Consists Of As Well As What Rights Parents Have Within The School Setting And How To Get Advocacy And Help They Need!

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About The Presenters

Stasi, Greg   cropped resized 195Greg Stasi, Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Gregory Stasi, Ph.D., is a licensed Clinical Psychologist who graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. He went on to earn his Masters and Doctorate at the Illinois Institute of Technology where he made his decision to focus his career on pediatric neuropsychology. Dr. Stasi has worked and studied at numerous medical centers including: The University of Chicago Medical Center and the University of Minnesota Medical Center. Prior to working at North Shore Pediatric Therapy, Dr. Stasi was a faculty member at Rush Presbyterian St. Luke’s Hospital and was a neuropsychologist at the Rush Neurobehavioral Center. Dr. Stasi has extensive experience with the assessment and diagnosis of a variety of conditions including: learning disorder, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, and social/emotional concerns. Dr. Stasi also serves as a school advocate for parents by providing assistance and case management in order for children with special needs to obtain the most effective school accommodations possible.


Micki Photo resized 195Micki Moran, J.D.

Micki Moran is the founding partner of The Child and Family Law Center, Ltd. She dedicates her practice to children and families who are in need of legal representation in the areas of special education, juvenile and young adult criminal law, abuse and neglect, and mental health issues. The practice is founded on the principle that children and their families require excellent legal representation and a multi-disciplinary approach that involves multiple systems of care to intervention.
Micki is the mother of a young adult with a disability and has extensive litigation experience against school districts and governmental agencies. She volunteers as a board member to agencies committed to children’s issues and speaks nationally on mental health and special education issues. She is on the adjunct faculty of Loyola Law School in Chicago.
Micki has been a lawyer for nearly 25 years and has lived in both Big Sky and Bozeman Montana before returning to Chicago.