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Omega 3s: Do we need to supplement?

We have all received the message that Omega 3s are really important to one’s personal nutrition. We should eat more fish or include fish oil supplements to our diets. Fish oil may be recommended by a doctor in order to help lower cholesterol or reduce inflammation in the body. Why are Omega 3’s lacking in […]

Tummy Aches, Abdominal Pain, and Stools: What the signs and symptoms might be telling you about your diet

My professor in grad school spoke about how difficult nausea and abdominal pain is to manage. Think about the last time that your stomach felt extremely upset. Have you ever experienced morning sickness during pregnancy? It is incredibly difficult to function on a daily basis when you are feeling that miserable. In addition, it is […]

Hop 2 Health : A Pediatric Weight Management Program

Obesity and being overweight are the biggest health issues facing our children today. Not only that, these issues can have serious effects on kids, in both the short and the long-term. Obese children report a lower quality of life and are at risk for developing serious health issues during childhood and adolescence, such as: Type […]

What is a Feeding Team?

A feeding difficulty is a complex medical condition. Feeding issues can result in poor growth, nutrient deficiencies as well as developmental delays. Due to the fact that the process of feeding involves numerous systems throughout the body, addressing the issue is multi-faceted. Feeding difficulties can stem from various issues, such as dysphagia, reflux, history of […]

Food-Related Activities for Kids

The way in which a child learns about food, health, and what foods they enjoy is influenced by what they are exposed to in their daily environment. Younger children learn so much through playing freely with toys and with other children. All children learn from what they witness their parents do and say. Children at […]

Finger Foods for Little Fingers

When infants are transitioning to solid foods, it is important to remember that this transition process is a learning experience for the child. Feeding involves many systems in the body, including the brain, sensory processing system, muscles of the mouth, tongue and throat. Feeding also involves the entire digestive system. The transition to solid foods […]

5 Healthy New Year’s Resolutions

While discussing the topic of New Year’s Resolutions, health-related resolutions must be the most popular. With this in mind, how many of these resolutions are actually kept through the year’s end?   This is a list of healthy resolutions that involve small changes and have a significant impact on health.  These resolutions are achievable if […]

All about Vitamins and Supplements for Kids

There are many vitamins and supplements that are marketed towards children and parents. Do all children need vitamins? Which ones should they have? Are the gummy vitamins just as effective as the non-gummy vitamins? The following questions will help clarify when at what vitamins may be appropriate for your kids: What vitamins should I give […]