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Understanding Sensory Processing Disorder: Auditory System

“I know there’s nothing wrong with her hearing but I have to call her name 100 times!” Sound familiar? Much like the tactile system, discussed in the previous post of this series, the auditory system refers to our ability to take in information, process it, and produce an appropriate response. When a child overreacts to sounds or […]

Understanding The Subtypes Of Sensory Processing Disorder

The term sensory processing disorder(SPD) is one that’s been buzzing quite a bit in recent years. It’s a complicated and frequently misunderstood topic as these children who have SPD can look so different from one another and will often display inconsistent behaviors themselves from day to day. What is Sensory Processing? Sensory processing refers to […]

Understanding the Beery VMI

If your child has recently completed an occupational therapy evaluation or if you’re curious about what will be assessed in an upcoming appointment, the Beery-Buktenica Developmental Test of Visual Motor Integration, or the Beery VMI, is a commonly used measure that may be helpful to familiarize yourself with. This assessment provides us with important information […]

New Year Resolutions: 5 Steps to Promote Executive Functioning Skills

New Year Resolutions and goal setting is an excellent way to foster executive functioning skills because it requires planning, organizing, managing time, and self reflection. What better time to set meaningful goals than the start of a new year? 5 steps to creating New Year Resolutions that also promote executive functioning skills: Set the foundation […]

How Does Occupational Therapy Help with ADHD?

It has been well documented that children with ADHD often struggle with maintaining focus in various areas of their day to day lives and consequently achieving their full potential. As Dr. Greg Stasi explains in his June blog, ADHD and Learning: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder’s Impact on Learning, children with ADHD often exhibit impulsivity or […]