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5 Possible Autism Red Flags for Preschoolers

Autism spectrum disorder is a diagnosis that affects each child differently. Symptoms can range from mild to severe, and common ones include: · Problems with social interactions · Difficulties with communication · Repetitive/stereotypical behavior Our Family Child Advocates developed a list of five possible autism red flags for preschoolers. While this is not an all-inclusive […]

7 Tips for Helping Children with Autism Handle Breaks from School

Breaks during the school year can end up being stressful for parents.  The key to success would be to prepare as much as possible beforehand.  Try these 7 tips to help your child with Autism handle breaks from school: Give your child a heads up that there is going to be a break in the […]

7 Tips for Working on Social Skills During School

School days can be a perfect opportunity for children to work on social skills. Children are surrounded by their peers throughout the day and there are endless opportunities for interaction. Here are some opportunities to promote social skills throughout the school day: During circle time, snack time and lunch time, have the child sit next […]

Preparing a Teacher to Work With Your Child With Autism

Beginning a new school year with any child can be harrowing for parents! You may wonder, “Will my child get the support that he needs?” or “How will I communicate with her teacher?” and “What can I do as a parent to reinforce what is happening in the classroom?” These questions and worries can be even […]