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Zumba for Kids

We all know the many benefits of exercise for people of all ages: physical fitness, endurance, strength, coordination, and motor planning.  However, making physical fitness a regular part of daily routines can be a real challenge not only for adults, but also for children.  Many children who live more sedentary lifestyles require more motivation to […]

Summer Training for Fall Gaining

As summer begins, summer plans take shape.  Hopefully these plans involve lots of fun and sunshine.  Summer should be an enjoyable and exciting time for all children and their families, but it is important to remember to also focus on children’s growth and development.  Sometimes during the break from school, skills gained in an educational […]

The Importance of Hand Dominance

With which hand do you write? With which hand do you hold a baseball glove? With which hand do you comb your hair? Hand dominance is established when either the right or left hemisphere of your brain becomes the dominant or ‘leader’ side. This aids us as humans in determining how we will proceed to perform […]

Enhancing Right-Left Discrimination Through Play

There is a high emphasis on building children’s handwriting skills at an early age in order to prepare for kindergarten expectations. This is a wonderful encouragement for your children!  There are multiple recommendations from occupational therapists on how this can be done, including building fine motor muscle strength, improving isolated finger movements, advancing graphic skills, […]