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My Toddler Isn’t Talking Yet! Will He Catch Up?

Parents often worry when their child reaches 18 months or 2 years of age and does not talk much or at all. Some children exhibit late language emergence, also known as late talking or a language delay. Approximately 10-20% of 2-year-old children exhibit late language emergence. A late-talking toddler is typically defined as a 24 […]

5 Tips on How to Respond to Articulation Errors

A child who is still developing his or her articulation skills may need some feedback in order to fix speech errors and improve intelligibility.  The following tips will help you respond to a child who produces articulation errors: Repeat the misarticulated word in your response with a slight emphasis on the target word. For example, […]

Pragmatic Language: An Introduction

Social communication with others requires a complex integration of skills in three areas: Social interaction Social cognition Pragmatic language skills A social worker often addresses social interaction skills (e.g., understanding social rules, such as how to be polite) and social cognition skills (e.g., understanding the emotions of oneself and others). A speech-language pathologist often targets […]