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Is Your Child Just Disorganized, or Is It a Bigger Problem?

Do you find that your evenings and mornings are primarily spent helping your child track down missing work or lost items and generally trying to help them get organized enough to manage their school day and extra-curricular activities? Is assisting your child too much interfering with family time and leisure time? Is this causing your […]

Educational Graduate Gifts At Each Age

It’s that time of year!  Children are graduating and proud parents are celebrating this milestone.  Read on for special gift suggestions for graduates of all ages that also have educational value. Educational and Fun Gifts for Your Grad By Age: Kindergarten Graduation Gifts: Special Books: Classic, hard-cover books will be fun to read in the […]

Teaching Your Child How to Spell

The ability to spell is a critical component for children to have in order to be successful in school and beyond.  The following ideas will help you teach your emergent reader to be a great speller: Make Connections: Spelling is best-learned in context. Several contexts can be provided for effective spelling instruction, such as word […]

Executive Functioning Skills- Critical for School Success

The task of being a middle or high school student has become overwhelming.  In addition to demanding academic work, students have many extra activities, sport and other obligations to balance. Even the most engaged and focused students can become overwhelmed and miss important work or commitments due to weak executive functioning skills:  the skills that allow us […]

10 Signs of a Reading Disorder

Many people believe that reading is a natural process that comes easily to children, especially in homes that value literacy.  This assumption can be frustrating and heartbreaking to a parent of a child with dyslexia or reading comprehension problems. Approximately 1 in 5 children have dyslexia, which is defined as trouble recognizing and decoding words, most […]

3 Tips For Using HubSpot’s Blogging Application

Tip 1: Embedding Video into Your Blog   To embed a video like the one above, you’ll need to do the following: Most video sites like YouTube have an “embed” source code that you can copy and paste. For YouTube, this code is listed just to the right of the video itself, under a person’s […]