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Navigating the Playground with a 2-Year-Old

Summer is a great time to explore the playground with your child. Playgrounds provide a fun and exciting environment that gets your child outside and active. Children of all ages can enjoy a playground in many different ways. Read on for specific tips to navigating the playground with a two-year-old: Choose the right time of […]

The Great Debate: What Should Babies Wear on Their Feet When Learning to Walk?

Parents frequently ask me what the best option is for their child when they are learning to walk: shoes or barefoot? This is a topic that has been controversial in the past. It was once suggested that new walkers should wear shoes with thick soles so that they are provided with additional support that is […]

Are Premature Babies Delayed?

The term premature refers to any infant that was born earlier than 37 weeks of gestation. Premature births occur in 10% of all live births. Premature babies (“preemies”) are at risk for multiple health problems, including breathing difficulties, cerebral palsy, learning disabilities, and delays in their gross and fine motor skills. Why are babies born […]

Developing Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is the synchronization of eye and hand movements. It involves proprioception (knowing where your body is in space) combined with processing visual input. Any task that requires the coordination of vision and hand movements involves hand-eye coordination. Examples of hand-eye coordination include grasping objects, catching and throwing a ball, playing an instrument while […]

Tips for Summer: Making Swimming Fun!

Swimming is a great activity for a hot day that provides entertainment and exercise. Swimming helps children develop strength and coordination, and is considered an important life-saving skill. As a former child swim instructor, I have met many parents who struggle with a child who is afraid of water. Here are some tips on making swimming fun […]

Getting Ready for Summer: Toddler Strider Bikes

Spring and summer are a great time to take your children outside to play, swim, and ride bikes. Physical therapists get asked often about bikes for younger children. Recently, a new trend has evolved: strider bikes for young children. These “pre-bikes” are great alternatives to tricycles or two-wheelers with training wheels. Strider bikes teach a […]