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How to Promote In-Hand Manipulation in Everyday Activities with Kids

In-hand manipulation skills are important for many everyday tasks, such as eating, writing, dressing, playing, and drawing. With all the busy schedules these days, it is often hard to find time to practice such skills enough. Here are ten ways to encourage development of in-hand manipulation through tasks and activities that you and your children already do! When […]

In-Hand Manipulation Skills: What are they?

In-hand Manipulation refers to the ability to move and position one or more objects within one hand without using the other hand to assist. Below, are explanations of the terminology often used for In-Hand Manipulation Skills. In-Hand Manipulation Examples: Translation: Refers to the linear movement of the object or objects from the palm to the fingers or […]

Co-Treating: What is it and what are the benefits for your child?

What is a Co-treatment: Sessions conducted with 2 or more therapists from different disciplines (OT, SLP, PT, etc.) to maximize therapeutic collaboration. Co-treatments are utilized when two disciplines share complimentary or similar goals. What are the benefits of co-treatments: Cohesive treatment sessions and expectations across disciplines: Therapists work together to create treatment plans that include […]

Dressing Strategies to Help Kids with Sensory Sensitivities

Getting dressed and ready for the day can become a big challenge for those children who do not like the feeling of their clothes (e.g. tags, seams, twisting). Try these strategies to make the process go smoother, quicker and less threatening for your child. 7 Strategies To Help A Child With Sensory Sensitivities Get Dressed: […]

Winter Activities To Help Your Child With Gross Motor Coordination

Do Winter Blues have your Child down? Are they tired of being trapped in doors to escape the cold outside? Do they miss playing outside as they did in the days of summer? Good news! Below are ideas of how to beat the winter blues by engaging in heavy work activities in the snow! Heavy […]

Gross Motor Exercises for Kids in a Hotel

Staying in a hotel does not leave a lot of room to play which may leave a child bursting with energy! Here are some tips to provide an outlet for kids to have fun during hotel downtime while also improving their gross motor strength, coordination and to help with self-regulation. 11 Hotel Activities Concentrating on […]