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Fun In The Sun And Fine Motor Skill Development

Many summer time activities have a hidden benefit…they help to develop your child’s fine motor skills! Here are few of the fun things that you can do this summer to increase hand and finger strength, fine motor coordination and dexterity. Make Outdoor Art Play with sidewalk chalk! Sidewalk chalk comes in a variety of shapes […]

Developmental Skills While Playing With Dolls

Playing is a child’s primary job, and a beneficial one at that.  Through play, children develop fine and gross motor skills, practice language and develop new vocabulary, and begin to understand new learning concepts.  Below is a sample of all that is involved and developing when your child plays with dolls.  Cognition      Develops imaginative […]

Organizational Strategies For Grammar School Students

Are school mornings hectic and stressful? Do the evenings fly by in a blur? Whether they’re in kindergarten or fifth grade, helping your children stay organized will help to get you out the door in the morning and leave more time for family fun at home in the evening. Here are a few organizational strategies […]