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5 Activities to Promote Language Use in the Car

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How much longer? Are these commonly heard phrases in your car? It’s summertime and a road trip is just around the corner. Learn 5 activities for car rides that are not only fun, but a great way to encourage language skills on the go! I Spy: “I spy […]

How Sign-Language Can Help Late Talkers

This hot topic issue has been in the press for some time now. What is the truth? Can the use of sign language really help your toddler start talking? The answer is… yes! Continue reading to discover the truth about late-talking toddlers and sign language. How Sign-Language Can Help Late Talkers: We learn to use […]

Promoting Language in a Toddler with an Expressive Language Delay

My toddler was referred for speech/language therapy to address his expressive (what he says) language delay. What is the therapist going to do? How can I help? Below are common strategies used in therapy and at home to encourage “late-talkers” to start using verbal language. Speech Strategies For Late Talkers: MODEL The most important concept […]

How Hearing Affects Your Child’s Speech And Language Development

If you are concerned about your child’s articulation (the way he produces his speech sounds) and are considering a speech and language evaluation, a hearing evaluation may be helpful as well! “But I am concerned with my child’s speech, not his ability to hear” – you say? Consider this: if you weren’t able to hear people […]

My Child Stutters, …What can I do to help?

Your preschool-aged child exhibits “stutter-like” behaviors (word repetitions, part-word repetitions, and prolongations). He is working with a speech therapist to control his disfluencies, but as a parent you want to contribute to his success. What can you do to help your child speak more fluently? More comfortably? More confidently? The answer is… a lot! Below […]