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How to Explain a Language Disorder to a Teacher

Of all the categories available under IDEA law, language impairments are often one of the most difficult to understand. It is not a surface level issue and is often lost in the shuffle. Explaining what a language disorder is and how it will impact your child to a teacher can be tricky. Here are some […]

ADHD and Picky Eating

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a very common diagnosis seen in a pediatric therapy clinic. It is not uncommon for parents to report difficulty with their child with ADHD and picky eating. The most common complaints for parents of children with ADHD who have trouble with mealtimes are distracted eaters, decreased appetites, and picky […]

AAC: Speech Devices for Autism

For a child with autism, communication can be a challenging and difficult hurdle to manage. For some children, verbal communication may simply be an impossible or ineffective means of communicating. For these circumstances, an augmentative/alternative communication device (AAC) may be an answer. What is AAC? AAC is an acronym for Augmentative Alternative Communication and describes […]

Holiday Tongue Twisters

Christmas is almost here! With the hectic holiday schedule, here are some festive tongue twisters to try with your kids!  Christmas Tongue Twisters: Santa stacked six singing snowmen in his sleigh. Mrs. Claus counted carolers on Christmas. Don’t drop the dreidel down, Danny! Tiny Tim trimmed the tall tree with tinsel. The thermometer thawed to […]

How to Discipline a Special Needs Child (When He Doesn’t Understand)

Disciplining a child with special needs is more challenging than disciplining a typically developing child. That said, it is just as important, if not more so, to encourage appropriate behavior for your child. It is essential to hold special needs children to the same expectations as their typically developing peers as often as possible. Discipline […]

Thanksgiving Tongue Twisters

Thanksgiving is nearly here! With the hectic holiday schedule, here are some festive tongue twisters to try with your kids! Thanksgiving Tongue Twisters: •    Tom Turkey is terribly timid for tomorrow’s get-together! •    Fall is for football, feasting, family and friends. •    Hairy Harry hurried home to heap helpings of honey ham on his plate. […]

School Readiness: What Does it Take for Your Child to Succeed in School?

In today’s world, expectations for your child’s academic performance are higher than ever. Occasionally, the requirements for school are actually above the developmental norms, causing even typically developing children to have trouble in school. Luckily, we know more than ever before about how to best support early development. Speech and Language Skills Come First: Good […]

What to Expect from Your Pediatrician during a Speech/Language Checkup

When parents develop concerns about their child’s speech and language, the first person they typically ask for help is the pediatrician. At the 15 month and 2 year checkups, discussing concerns with your pediatrician is a great way to get more information. Your pediatrician will take a close look at your child’s physical health and […]

Speech Therapy or a Prosthetic? What is Appropriate for Hypernasal Speech?

When dealing with hypernasal speech, the cause is typically with the velum (i.e., the soft tissue on the top of the mouth located in the back of the oral cavity). The velum may be WEAK or it may be INSUFFICIENT. Knowing the difference between these two scenarios may indicate whether a trial speech therapy period […]