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Defining Speech-Language Diagnoses

      Navigating the world of pediatric therapies can be a daunting and overwhelming challenge for many parents. Oftentimes, parents, caregivers, or even pediatricians notice changes in a child resulting in the need for an evaluation by a pediatric therapist. A pediatric speech-language evaluation is comprised of 3 parts: parent interview, assessments, and feedback […]

What is Pragmatic Language?

How do you know where to stand when having a conversation? Who taught you to change your voice when talking to a principal or a baby? When did you learn about conversational turn-taking? These innate skills come naturally to some; however, others struggle with what is commonly referred to as pragmatic language. Pragmatics, expressive (or […]

How To Improve Speech Intelligibility

It can be frustrating for both parents and child when a child’s language is difficult to understand! During preschool and school-age years, a child’s language is expanding and he is using more words to request, exclaim, and to label. Parents will often guess at what their child is saying, and unfamiliar adults may rely on […]

What is Phonemic Awareness?

Literacy, or the ability to read and write, is paramount to a child’s success in school. Many children struggle with these skills, and this struggle may be due to difficulty with the building blocks of reading and writing, also known as phonological awareness. Phonological awareness can be thought of as one’s ability to identify sounds […]

Tipper vs. Dipper: How to Produce /S/ and /Z/ Speech Sounds

“Speech” can be thought of as verbal communication. It is the set of sounds that we make (using our voice and our articulators) that comprise syllables, words, and sentences. Speech alone carries no meaning, it is merely sound. Most speech sounds are mastered by 8-9 years old, with different sounds emerging at different ages. /s/ […]

5 Warning Signs That Your Toddler May Need Speech-Language Therapy

It is such an exciting time when children are first acquiring words; they can begin to express wants and needs, communicate with parents, and begin to label objects in sight. Most children will begin to speak their first words around 1 year of age, but what happens if they don’t? Don’t panic—children progress through language […]